Welcome to WindSurfnSnow

Hi all, you may be aware that unfortunately last night our beloved venue WindSurfnSnow was in a fire incident. ALL OUR STAFF ARE SAFE!

Please note that WindSurfnSnow will be trading as normal in a temporary location as of Saturday the 12th of January at unit 3, 13 Dympna St, Cromer, 2099.

If you need to contact us for business inquiries​ please call 9971 0999 or 9982 6428. We are all very tired and busy so please limit the personal calls for now – it will be very much appreciated

Even though we have low stock in some brands, we have immediate access to most Naish goodies. We are also able to source some good closeout deals from SIC and Starboard. We advise that you order these products through us, as it will save you freight costs!